Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucets

A leaking Glacier Bay bathroom faucet is something anyone with a few basic skills can fix with very little expense. The entire repair takes only about ten minutes, and costs under $20, depending on how many cartridges you have to replace. Glacier Bay faucets have a cartridge valve that controls water flow inside the faucet handle. […]

Botanical Gardens Toledo

Toledo Botanical Garden Toledo Botanical Garden is an affiliate of the Metroparks of the Toledo Area. A museum for plants, Toledo Botanical Garden offers visitors the opportunity to share, discover and enjoy nature’s beauty. With over sixty acres of display gardens and relevant plant collections, TBG is full of beauty, tranquility and opportunities for exploration and […]

Corner Landscaping Ideas Gardening Landscaping Landscape Basics Landscape the Corner Lot The corner house, bordered on two sides by cars and pedestrian traffic, needs careful landscaping to guard from being an island in a sea of lawn. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Oops, we’re sorry. Something went wrong. Please try again later. Oops, we’re […]

Home Theater Screen

The best way to authenticate the look and feel of a movie theater in your own home is by using a projection screen. A home theater screen, just like the ones used in commercial cinemas, displays images thrown onto it from a video projector that’s placed either in front of it (front projection) or in […]

Home Stereo Systems

5 months agoWilliam Sola Hi Mark – my wife and I are building a new house, and want to to put in a whole house stereo system with wall and ceiling speakers. We’re counting upwards of 12 inside speakers, as well as 4 exterior speakers, and we wish to control the room volumes individually from […]

Superhero Bedroom Decor

How to Turn a Bedroom into a Super Hero’s Headquarters May 7, 2015 by Seanna Lubahn Pin4K Share4K Tweet EmailShares 8KEvery kid at some point or another becomes OBSESSED with the idea of being a super hero, or at least in my family they do. If your kiddo dreams of fighting crime and saving the […]

Nice Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains Add a Splash of Color and Function Whe moving in to a new place, it’s hard to keep track of what you’ve already got and things you need to get. We’re like that too–but one thing we never forget to buy are shower curtains! Beyond protecting your bathroom from a deluge of errant […]

Cheap Office Chairs

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Home Decor Catalog

Mail Order Catalogs Your catalog request will be filled when our next free catalog is issued. In the meantime, view our online catalog filled with quality country home décor, furniture, quilted throws, country quilts and much more. Seasonal Decorating Country Door catalogs are always full of unique country décor to fill your home with everyday […]

Organize Kids Room

Hanging Bedside OrganizerThis little fabric organizer is pure genius! It’s quick and very easy to make, and it simply slips in between the mattress and the actual bed frame. You can adjust the pocket quantity and sizes to hold whatever your kids like to keep close – books, teddies, gaming devices, you name it. And […]